Femco Drain Plug (Standard Design) – M22x1.5mm LB T10 8/4


In 1983 Femco® introduced the Standard plug to make routine oil changes a quick, clean, and more environmentally friendly job. Femco® standard oil drain plugs eliminate common draining problems including messy oil changes, stripped oil pans, and over-tightened plugs.

The Femco® standard plug is made from solid brass. This high-quality metal is heat resistant and makes sure you can safely change hot oil (brass will not conduct heat like other metals). Additionally, the Femco® oil drain plug features a dust cover and a double O-ring, which protects the plug and ensures reliable performance.

Femco® standard oil drain plugs replace the existing plug in your vehicle’s oil pan; providing fast, and environmentally friendly results.

Standard System:

  • Size/Description: M22x1.5mm LB T10 8/4
  • Engine Type: ISB, ISC, ISL, 6B, 6C (Rare), QSL, Hybrid, L9, 6.7L Diesel (Other), 3.3L, 4.5L, QSB&L9 (Side), QSG12, X12 (2019)
  • Precision fit in over 500 sizes for standard vehicles.

Note: The hose is sold separately.


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Additional information

Weight 0.45 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 2.25 × 2.25 in
System Type



M22x1.5mm LB T10 8/4

Engine Type

MBE 900/906, MBE 4000 w/ S/N>833529; Carrier Reefer (Kubota)