FluidSafe™ – Fluorescent Oil-Based Additive


FluidSafe™ hydraulic fluid additive is a revolutionary product (U.S. and foreign patents pending) that was developed within the mining industry to improve worker safety and reduce operating costs. It is specially designed to aid in the detection and surgical removal of hydraulic fluid in the event of accidental high-pressure fluid injection under the skin.

How can FluidSafe help protect your workforce, reduce operating costs and minimize equipment downtime at your mining site?

  1. FluidSafe allows for the quick detection of high-pressure fluid injection injuries on site. This allows triage of cases not requiring surgery, thus preventing the expense and trauma of unnecessary surgeries. When used correctly, FluidSafe also helps pinpoint the exact location of hydraulic fluid under the skin, assisting in limiting soft tissue dissection required during surgery.
  2. FluidSafe enhances the management of fluid power systems by aiding in the early detection of hydraulic leaks. When used in combination with a SafetyBlu™ blue light inspection kit or blue lens filter specially designed to fit over a variety of mining lamps, FluidSafe can quickly and easily detect leaks that are hard to find under normal circumstances. Users have reported savings in hydraulic fluid consumption of 5% to 7%, vastly surpassing the cost of FluidSafe.


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