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Full-color 17″x 22″ posters illustrate actual accidents which have occurred in the fluid power industry. These posters highlight the dangers of working with hydraulics.

Posters are available for individual purchase at $6.50 each or you can purchase all 8 for $45.00.…


The most effective method of finding fluid leaks in an industrial environment.

Works effectively in any enclosed circulatory system where fluids are used for lubrication, hydraulics, cooling control or hydrostatic pressure testing. Fluorescent dyes also can reveal leaks in static systems that can be pressurized or agitated.

Finds leaks fast in small to medium sized oil-based fluid systems!

Ideal for hydraulic systems, compressors, engines, gearboxes and fuel systems.


Works with all oil and water-based fluorescent dyes, including difficult-to-fluoresce yellow, white and blue dyes – even in dirty fluids. Instant on operation; reaches full intensity immediately. Anodized aluminum lamp body minimizes corrosion and stands up to years of heavy use. Treats up to 64 gallons of fluid.



FluidSafe™ hydraulic fluid additive is a revolutionary product (U.S. and foreign patents pending) that was developed within the mining industry to improve worker safety and reduce operating costs. It is specially designed to aid in the detection and surgical removal of hydraulic fluid in the event of accidental high-pressure fluid injection under the skin.

How can FluidSafe help protect your workforce, reduce operating costs and minimize equipment downtime at your mining site?…


Specially designed for use with FluidSafe™ fluorescent additive to quickly detect hydraulic fluid injection injuries under the skin. Also ideal for the fast and easy detection of small leaks in hydraulic system hoses, fittings, seals and other components. Perfect for mining industry applications!

The SafetyBlu™ SB-450 kit comes complete with smart AC and DC chargers, yellow fluorescent-enhancing spectacles, a protective rubber bumper, a belt holster and a rugged, padded carrying case.


High-intensity, 450 nm blue light LED flashlight Cordless, lightweight, ergonomic design eliminates fatigue Portable and rugged. Corrosion-resistant aluminum lamp body stands up to years of heavy use! Powered by a rechargeable NiMH battery Provides 90 minutes of continuous inspection between charges