El Golpe Mortal! (The Lethal Strike) Safety DVD – Spanish Version


El Golpe Mortal (The Lethal Strike) is an exceptional safety presentation, which focuses on the correct pre-hospitalization management of injection injuries. High-pressure injection injuries are becoming increasingly prevalent.

This dynamic 15 minute presentation covers:

  • Typical cause of injection injuries.
  • What to do if you suffer an injection injury.
  • How to properly manage the victim of an injection injury.
  • What NOT to do if you become the victim of an injection injury.
  • How to make sure the victim receives the proper medical treatment.
  • The responsibilities of everybody involved with the injury including, but not limited to:
    • Victim
    • Supervisor
    • Company safety officer/director
    • Initial medical responder
    • Hand surgeon


  • Interview with a hand surgeon
  • Interview with a medical doctor
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