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JIS male x JIS female gauge port adapter. JIS connections have a 30° flare.


Sizes: #4, #6, and #8 Standard: JIS B8363 (Japanese Industrial Standard) Gauge Ports: G1/8 or M10x1 (Depending on the fitting) Pressure: Up to 5,000 PSI (276 bar)

Note: Fittings may differ from picture


DKO male x female swivel (DKO 24° sealing cone with O-Ring) gauge port adapter with an M16x2 (Minimess) test point. Gauge port adapters offer a simple and easy method of adding test points into a hydraulic system. Ideal for solder-free screw-in pipe connections according to DIN 2353.

Available in Light and Heavy Series.

Suitable for OEM build or retro-fitting to existing systems.…