DKO Male Metric x DKO Female Metric Gauge Port Adapter with M16x2 Test Point


DKO male x female swivel (DKO 24° sealing cone with O-Ring) gauge port adapter with an M16x2 (Minimess) test point. Ideal for solder-free screw-in pipe connections according to DIN 2353.

The DKO gauge port adapter allows the user to install a pressure gauge or sensor inline in a hydraulic system using the M16x2 test point supplied with fitting. All units are made from zinc/nickel-plated carbon steel which offers reliability and a long life span. The fittings are rated up to 9137 PSI (630 Bar) depending on configuration and size.

Gauge port adapters offer the user unique advantages over conventional connectors:

  • No more drilling and tapping standard fittings
  • Safety – Connectors have the proper wall thickness to facilitate solid, safe connections
  • Easy to install
  • Aesthetic – Blends into your system without the bulk of multiple connectors.
  • Economical


  • Offered in M12x1.5 (6L) up to M45x2 (35L) metric threads.
  • Available in Light (L) or Heavy (S) series.
  • Rated up to 9137 PSI (630 Bar)
  • All fittings come with an M16x2 (Minimess) M16x2 test point.