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The Aviator Stoggles safety glasses are a modern nod to an iconic shape. Inspired by the 70s but designed for today, this vintage shape is perfect for all industrial personnel wanting safety in a more stylish, comfortable design.


Available colors: Redwood, Moss, Clear, and Charcoal OSHA approved – ANSI Z87.1 certified Anti-fog coated Blue light blocking Shatter resistant UV blocking



The Square Stoggles is an iconic, angular shape that adds definition to softer facial features. They give the user a stylish, classical look with all the features you would want in a pair of safety glasses. Try Square if you have a round, oblong, or oval face.


Available colors: Moss, Clear, and Charcoal OSHA approved – ANSI Z87.1 certified Anti-fog coated Blue light blocking Shatter resistant UV blocking



Full-color 17″x 22″ safety posters illustrate actual accidents which have occurred in the fluid power industry. These posters highlight the dangers of working with hydraulics.

Posters are available for individual purchase at $6.50 each or you can purchase all 8 for $45.00.…


Do ISO and ANSI hydraulic symbols intimidate you? Do you find hydraulic schematics difficult or impossible to read? If so, then this manual is just for you! By placing each symbol adjacent to a cutaway of the actual component they represent, you will quickly learn exactly what every square, circle, dashed line, solid line, arrow, etc. means or represents. There is no easier way to learn how to read symbols.

The manual includes challenging do-it-yourself symbol-reading and drawing exercises, as well as numerous schematic reading exercises. This 185-page manual is a must for students, maintenance personnel, engineers, designers and instructors.…


The most comprehensive step-by-step guide for testing hydraulic components available today makes all other troubleshooting manuals obsolete!

Includes useful test charts and diagrams, important safety information, and detailed information on how to analyze the test results. In addition, this book provides information on how to start up new hydraulic systems, perform conversion procedures on DO8 and D10 directional control valves, and how to correctly and safely precharge accumulators. A troubleshooting Quick Reference Guide is also included.

Includes 462 pages of detailed, step-by-step information with how-to diagrams and helpful analysis of test results. Also includes worksheets for every test.

Testing topics cover:

Hydraulic pumps Hydraulic motors Cylinders Directional control valves Pressure control valves

This guide can help your personnel get your system running again with these straightforward, easy-to-understand techniques that emphasize safety in the workplace.

Absolutely no open pressure lines and no buckets… NOTHING GOES TO ATMOSPHERE!…


The fluid power symbol drawing template is ideal for students who are learning to read symbols and draw schematics. It is also useful for draftspersons and engineers who need to draw hydraulic schematics but do not draw enough to warrant a computer- based system.

The symbol template enables the user to draw accurate ANSI and ISO fluid power symbols. Along with the symbols, it also has handy numbers and letters, a measuring scale and conversion formulae printed directly on it.

Ask about our private label program. the fluid power symbol drawing template would make a terrific promotional item with your company’s name and logo printed directly on it.…


Can you remember all of the graphic symbols? Why should you when you can have this pocket-sized reference manual at your finger tips?

Graphic symbols cross language barriers. This booklet promotes a universal understanding of fluid power systems by representing those symbols which are internationally recognized. A valuable resource for maintenance personnel, students, engineers, designers and sales personnel.

Measures only 4.25″ x 7″ and fits right in your pocket!


It is a well recognized fact that the majority of hydraulic component failures are caused by contamination. Yet, most hydraulic systems are equipped with filters. So why are they failing?

Most filters are installed in hydraulic systems without any regard for the system’s total filtration requirement. Filters should rather be “engineered” into a hydraulic system, bearing in mind that each hydraulic system is unique. This 32-page guide provides information on a “system” approach to contamination control and is explained in a manner that is easy to understand.

Topics cover:


Closed-loop (hydrostatic) hydraulic systems are used extensively in mobile and industrial machines. From the exterior, they appear complex and intimidating, and they certainly can be. This manual walks you through a hydrostatic transmission, step-by-step, explaining each and every component in detail. Illustrations and drawings are used throughout the manual to illustrate theory-of-operation and function.

This 100+ page manual is divided into four sections:


The Lethal Strike is an exceptional safety presentation, which focuses on the correct pre-hospitalization management of injection injuries. High-pressure injection injuries are becoming increasingly prevalent.

This dynamic 15 minute presentation covers:

Typical cause of injection injuries. What to do if you suffer an injection injury. How to properly manage the victim of an injection injury. What NOT to do if you become the victim of an injection injury. How to make sure the victim receives the proper medical treatment.

English and Spanish versions available.…


Practical Hydraulics Binder with Simulator Activities for use with Fluid Power Training Institutes mainframe hydraulic training system.

Consists of:

Introduction Safety with Hydraulics Basic Hydraulic Principles Pressure Control Valves Hydraulic Pumps Check Valves, Accumulators, and Actuators Reservoirs, Coolers, Hoses, and Connectors Directional Control Valves Flow Control Valves and Dividers Proactive Maintenance Simulator Activities Student Workbook

Note: This binder only works with the mainframe trainers offered by Fluid Power Training Institute. If you do not have the MF trainer the binder will not make sense.…


Achieve excellence in mobile steering applications with a tangible cutaway model of an Orbitrol Steering Valve. With this cutaway, teachers and students can master one of the most difficult components to comprehend. The cutaway model is paramount in examining the framework of such a complex valve.

The cutaway features include: