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The HV series of loading valve gives smooth progressive pressure control in both flow directions allowing components such as cylinders or motors to be tested without re-plumbing the test connections.

The valve features the exclusive INTERPASS safety disc system which protects the operator, components and the environment by preventing unwanted external oil loss. In the event of overpressure the discs rupture and oil bypasses the valve internally at low pressure.

The valve features a gauge port which is ported to the inlet (in the forward direction). Combined with our flow meters or portable testers, the HV series loading valve makes testing hydraulic components and circuits on a wide range of agricultural, industrial and mobile equipment fast, efficient and safe.


Flow: Up to 210 GPM (800 lpm) Pressure: Up to 6000 PSI (420 bar) INTERPASS: Internal safety protection system with replaceable burst discs Smooth progressive pressure control Easy to retrofit Gauge Port: 1/4″ NPT

Note: The HV…


A flow control valve consists of a needle valve with an integral check valve. This combination of valves provides regulated flow in one direction and free flow in the opposite direction.


Needle valves are widely used to accurately regulate the flow of liquids and gases at low flow rates. The fine threading of the stem and the large seat area allow for precise resistance to flow.

Needle valves are used to control flow into delicate gauges, which might be damaged by sudden surges of fluid under pressure. Needle valves are also used in situations where the flow must be gradually brought to a halt, and at other points where precise adjustments of flow are necessary or where a small flow rate is desired. They can be used as both on/off valves and for throttling service.