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When you want a fast, easy, safe and affordable way to measure surface temperature, this pocket-sized mini-thermometer is for you. Professional 6:1 optics give you a 1″(2.54cm) measurement spot at a 6″(15.2cm) distance. Many pocket units today offer only 1:1 which means you have to be nearly touching the surface for an accurate reading.

Comfortably fits in the palm of your hand, with an easy to use trigger button on the side. Simple mode button steps through Max, Min, C/F, and adjustable emissivity. Simply the best value in a pocket-sized IR thermometer!



This is your best deal in a basic infrared gun. Designed for broad general purpose use in research, industrial applications, HVAC, construction, repair or maintenance services, and even around the house if you’re technically inclined. Read temperature instantly from a distance. The quality lens and machined baffles ensure accuracy with a 12:1 distance-to-target spot ratio. At 12″ you can measure a 1″ spot diameter. The bright pointing laser helps you aim.

New features include adjustable emissivity so you can set the thermometer to read a variety of different surface materials. Operation is simple. Pull the trigger to instantly read the temperature of the surface you’re pointing at. Let go of the trigger and the reading will stay in “Hold” for several seconds so you can take note of it. While the trigger is depressed, you can also scan looking for maximum or minimum temperatures as you move the laser across a larger target. A useful feature in finding hot or cold…


The Professional IR Thermometer is packed full with the features you need to make accurate infrared measurements. It boasts an accuracy of ±1.5% of reading with a temperature range of -76ºF to 1832ºF (-60ºC to +1000ºC).

The thermometer shows you exactly the size of your target every time. Its unique dual laser design highlights the outer edges of your target, eliminating any guesswork or calculations. With a 50:1 target ratio you can be confident from long distances.

The emissivity on the unit is adjustable to fit any application. It also includes a type K socket so you can either measure with a contact probe or non-contact with the IR. Any type K probe will work giving you the flexibility of measuring just about anything.

Need more? How about data functions like Min, Max, Lock, Hi/Low alarms, and a differential reading of the IR and type K input (option only available when using a separate type K probe)? The unit also…