Ultra Clean Launcher and Kits – 2″


Cleaning hose, tube, or pipe has never been easier using our UltraClean launcher kits! Cleaning just takes seconds to perform giving you the ability to clean to ISO 13/10 levels. Hose, tube & pipe cleaning systems offer a fast, less invasive way to clean contaminated lines & assemblies using pneumatic technology.

Features & Benefits

  • Capable of cleaning 1/4″ through 2″ hose, tube, or pipe.
  • HC-HL2 Launcher is supplied with a Full Flow Quick Release Coupling and 360-degree Rotary Plug for proper airflow and non-fatigue operator use.
  • Manufactured from precision machined aluminum and fully anodized for harsh environments and heavy use.
  • Effortless to operate because of its simplistic design.
  • Ideal for production hose and tube shops, mobile hose fabricators, and job site applications due to its simplistic design, size, and portability.
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