Aeroquip Oil Sampling Valve, 7/16″ ORB (50-300 PSI)


With a turn of the knob, the valve allows inline sampling of system fluids without system shutdown, in little time, and without the worry of fluid contamination.

For best results, the HC-FD15 oil sampling valves should be installed in dynamic fluid lines in low pressure and return lines. If only one sampling point can be chosen, it should be in the return line, upstream of any return line filter. This will ensure a representative sample of the present condition of all components in the system.

The Aeroquip® oil sampling valve is designed for use with engine oil, lubricating oil, transmission fluid, and hydraulic fluids in mobile construction equipment, military vehicles, trucks, and stationary equipment.

Easy to Operate:
Remove the metal dustcover on the discharge port. Discharge approximately 200ml of oil to flush the sampling valve by turning the knurled knob 1/4 turn to the right. Dispose of this sample in the appropriate manner. Locate a clean oil sample bottle under the discharge port. Turn the knurled knob 1/4 turn to the right until the bottle is filled to the desired level. The knob can be backed off to throttle the rate of flow. When the bottle is filled, let go of the knurled knob and the valve will close automatically. Replace the metal dust cover wrench tight.

Corrosion-resistant plated steel with brass internal components and Viton™ seals.

NOTE: This valve is not intended for aerospace applications.


  • Inlet Port Size: 7/16-20 Male ORB
  • Pressure Range: 50-300 PSI (3.5-20.7 Bar)
  • Operating Temperature Range:  -65 to 275 ºF (-54 to 135 ºC)
  • Minimum Burst Pressure: 1200 PSI (82.8 Bar)
  • Minimum Particle Restriction: 500 micron
  • Maximum Torque to Operate: 10 in·lb
  • Meets military spec – MIL-V-81940/2-1.
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Additional information

Weight 0.33125 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 1.5 × 1 in
Inlet Port Size

7/16-20 Male ORB

Pressure Range

50-300 PSI
3.5-20.7 Bar