Mailable Stauff Oil Analysis Bottles


Fluid analysis is a crucial part of any oil management program. For your convenience, Stauff’s oil analysis bottles are pre-addressed and postage-paid mailable.

Simply take your oil sample, fill out the enclosed questionnaire, place the entire contents into the mailable bottle and drop the entire package in the mail. Your test results will be mailed directly back to you.

The test includes:

  • Spectographic Analysis – 19 elements for wear metals, contaminants.
  • Viscosity – the kinematic viscosity reported in centistokes (cSt).
  • Visible Debris Analysis – microscopic examination of any visible debris in the sample.
  • Total Acid Number (TAN).
  • Particle Count – to determine the cleanliness of the system.
  • Karl Fisher (KF) – to determine the exact concentration of water present in the oil.
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