DHM 4 Series Digital Hydraulic Multimeter, 210 GPM, 7000 PSI, #24 ORB


Hydraulic pumps experience decreased volumetric efficiency due to internal leakage as they age. To prevent costly downtime, it is essential to check hydraulic pump efficiency on a regular basis using a test kit that is safe, accurate, and easy to install. The DHM 4 Series Bi-Directional Digital Hydraulic Multimeter is a versatile unit that can accurately measure hydraulic flow, pressure, peak pressure, temperature, power, and volumetric efficiency.

The DHM 4 Series Digital Hydraulic Multimeter is a next-generation diagnostic tool that offers Bluetooth functionality and is designed for hydraulic field service engineers. This all-in-one tester allows users to measure the true performance of their hydraulic system, quickly pinpoint faults, and generate and email a test report using the free-to-download Webtec QuickCert™ App and Smart Bluetooth™ functionality. Its portable design means you can use it on the factory floor, at a mine, in a quarry, or at a construction site, without having to return to the office to send a report.

The DHM 4 Series Digital Hydraulic Multimeter features onboard memory to record a simple 12-point test, making it easy to characterize a hydraulic pump’s performance at varying pressures using the built-in loading valve with Interpass™ safety system. This diagnostic tool is an ideal solution for reducing downtime and helping with preventive maintenance by pinpointing hydraulic system faults.


  • Accurate measurement of flow, pressure, temperature, power, and volumetric efficiency.
  • Produces an electronic report for an immediate email to the user via Bluetooth™ and smartphone app.
  • Automatic calculation of hydraulic power and volumetric efficiency.
  • Built-in loading valve with “Interpass”™ safety system.
  • Bi-directional for unrestricted connection and simplified testing.
  • Portable, robust, and sealed to IP54.
  • Large clear digital display with adjustable contrast.
  • Made in the United Kingdom by Webtec.


  • Pressure: 7000 PSI (482 bar).
  • Flow: 210 GPM (800 LPM).*
  • Flow Accuracy: ± 1% indicated reading (15 to 100% of range).
  • Pressure Accuracy: ± 0.5% of full scale, Peak 1%.
  • Temperature Accuracy: ± 2°F (± 1°C)
  • Power: Below 100KW (134HP) ± 3KW (± 4HP); Above 100KW (134HP) ± 5KW (± 6.7HP)
  • Volumetric efficiency: ± 1%
  • 1 ms response time.
  • Choose between – Bar, PSI, MPa, & Ksc.
  • Four screens show all digital values, digital values with a bar graph, & P.Q. Test (volume efficiency).

*DHM4-S-7 has limited pressure control below 23 US GPM. The maximum controllable pressure in this region is calculated by: max pressure (in bar) = 5 x flow (lpm) + 30.

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Additional information

Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 11 in
Pressure Rating

7000 PSI (480 Bar)


210 GPM (800 LPM)

Port Thread

#24 ORB (SAE)