DHT 1 Series Bi-Directional Digital Hydraulic Testers


The volumetric efficiency (internal leakage) of hydraulic pumps will increase with age. Consequently, to prevent unnecessary downtime it is vital to check the efficiency of hydraulic pumps on a routine schedule. The test kit needed to perform the test must be relatively easy to install, safe, and accurate. Digital hydraulic testers are perfect for the task. They offer precise flow, pressure, and temperature readings in a compact configuration.

The DHT 1 Series Digital Hydraulic Tester is designed to conveniently check the performance of hydraulic pumps, motors, valves, and hydrostatic transmissions. This easy-to-use diagnostic tester has simplified controls and can pinpoint hydraulic system faults which reduces machinery downtime. The tester consists of a turbine flow block and a large easy-to-read digital display that indicates both flow and temperature. The tester has a built-in loading valve to simulate the working pressure during normal machine operation. The built-in safety discs protect the machine and operator in event of excessive pressure, allowing oil to safely bypass the loading valve internally with no spillage of oil from the hydraulic circuit, eliminating clean-up costs and environmental hazards.


  • Accurate measurement of flow, pressure, and temperature.
  • Built-in loading valve with “Interpass”™ safety system.
  • Bi-directional for unrestricted connection and simplified testing.
  • Portable and lightweight with the angled case for easier viewing and cleaning.
  • Automatic “Power Off” feature.
  • Pressures up to 7000 PSI (482 bar).
  • Flows up to 210 GPM.
  • Flow Accuracy: ± 1% full flow.
  • Pressure Accuracy: ± 1.6% of full scale.
  • Readout: 8 digit LCD with 8 mm high characters.
  • Made in the United Kingdom.