Needle Valve, #6 ORB (5000 PSI)


Needle valves are widely used to accurately regulate the flow of liquids and gases at low flow rates. The fine threading of the stem and the large seat area allow for precise resistance to flow.

Needle valves are used to control flow into delicate gauges, which might be damaged by sudden surges of fluid under pressure. Needle valves are also used in situations where the flow must be gradually brought to a halt, and at other points where precise adjustments of flow are necessary or where a small flow rate is desired. They can be used as both on/off valves and for throttling service.

  • Size: #6 SAE.
  • Carbon steel, zinc-plated body.
  • Set-screw on side of knob to lock valve in position.
  • Viton O-ring.
  • Graduated knob and color-coded spindle for accuracy.
  • Working pressure rating: 5000 PSI (345 bar).
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Additional information

Weight .88 lbs
Dimensions 2.28 × 1.2 × 3.27 in
Port Size


Port Thread





Zinc/Iron Plated

Temperature Range

-4 to 212 ºF
(-20 to 100 ºC)

Working Pressure Rating

5000 PSI
(350 Bar)