Universal Flow Meter Test Kits


To meet the needs of maintenance professionals who service a wide variety of hydraulic machinery, we took our most popular flow meters in each flow size and combined them to make this extremely versatile flow meter test kit that covers a wide variety of flows – from 1.0 GPM to 100 GPM (3.8 Lpm to 568 Lpm).

Each flow meter is equipped with an adjustable load test cell so you can generate pressure when it is not safe or practical to do while the machine is operating. Each unit is also equipped with a pressure test connector so you can quickly and easily connect the pressure gauge (included in the kit) to any flow meter without using a wrench. This feature allows you to monitor system pressure while flow testing a component.

Also included in the kit is a compact infrared thermometer so you can monitor temperature during a test. You get all the components you need to flow test hydraulic systems and components safely and effectively, in a compact, rugged, dust-proof carry-case.

NOTE: Substitute the 100 GPM (379 Lpm) flow meter for a 150 GPM (568 Lpm) flow meter at no extra charge.

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