LeakTracker Complete UV Light Fluorescent Leak Detection Kit


Leak Tracker complete UV light fluorescent leak detection kit includes the LeakTracker high-intensity, UV LED flashlight, 8 oz (237 ml) of concentrated oil dye (glows yellow-green), UV absorbing glasses, GLO-AWAY Plus fluorescent dye cleaner, and a secure, durable carry case. The kit gives you all of the tools to find leaks fast in all industrial fluid system applications.

Works effectively in any enclosed circulatory system where fluids are used for lubrication, hydraulics, cooling control, or hydrostatic pressure testing. Fluorescent dyes also can reveal leaks in static systems that can be pressurized or agitated.

Ideal for hydraulic systems, compressors, engines, gearboxes, and fuel systems.


  • Battery Operated, UV LED Leak Detection Flashlight works with all industrial fluid systems and Spectroline® dyes.
  • Operates with pure UV light for a superior fluorescent dye response.
  • Features a 20 ft inspection range and 4-hour runtime (continuous).
  • OIL-GLO Ultra dye (included in the kit) treats up to 64 gallons of fluid.
  • GLO-AWAY™ PLUS (included in the kit) is specially formulated to remove fluorescent leak detection dye within seconds.


  • LeakTracker™ high-intensity, UV LED leak detection flashlight (Includes 3x AAA batteries)
  • Patented 8 oz (237 ml) twin-neck bottle of concentrated OIL-GLO Ultra oil dye (glows yellow-green) – Treats up to 64 gallons (242 L) of fluid.
  • GLO-AWAY™ Plus fluorescent dye cleaner
  • UV-absorbing glasses, belt holster, lanyard, and rugged carrying case
Spectroline P/N: SPI-LTOGYG


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Weight 2.4 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 3 in