PD Series – Test Coupler


PD Series diagnostic couplings provide easy connections for mechanical gauges or specialized diagnostic equipment. The PD coupler is used in conjunction with the PD Series test nipple. Couplers align to the mating nipples without threading. This allows gauges, pressure transducers, and other test equipment to be snapped into place without difficulty. The design makes connecting to a PD Series test nipple, safe, effortless, and spill-free!

Screw the test coupler directly onto the 1/4″ NPT connection on your pressure gauge or pressure transducer for quick, easy pressure reading from any PD style diagnostic nipple.

Compatible with John Deere, Genie, Caterpillar, and Toro Dingo®.


  • Flush-face poppet valves minimize air inclusion and spillage, provide easy-to-clean surfaces, and help to prevent contamination.
  • Grip-tight knurled sleeves help to make connecting and disconnecting easy, even while wearing gloves.
  • Couplings are machined from high tensile steel for strength to withstand 6000 PSI continuous operating pressure.
  • D couplings are designed to meet or exceed SAE J1502 and ISO 15171-1 design and performance specifications.
  • End connections include pipe (NPT), and O-ring (SAE).


  • Material: Steel
  • Seal Material: Nitrile
  • Maximum Working Pressure: 6000 PSI (414 bar)
  • Temperature Rating: -40 to +250˚F (-40 to +121˚C)
  • Connect Force-Assembly: 41 lbs. (100 PSI)
  • Disconnect Force-Assembly: 20 lbs. (100 PSI)
  • Media: Suitable for hydraulic oils and other mineral-based fluids
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