PFM6 and PFM6BD Digital Hydraulic Testers


The PFM6 Series is a compact, lightweight portable tester designed for fast diagnostic troubleshooting of all types of mobile or stationary hydraulic systems and components. These self-contained testers feature laboratory accuracy and provide flow, pressure, and temperature measurements simultaneously from one point. Designed for testing pumps, valves, cylinders, motors, hydrostatic or power shift transmissions, and power steering systems in both mobile and stationary applications, these compact units utilize turbine flow meter technology. The units are offered in one-way or bi-directional flow options depending on your application. They offer precise flow, pressure, and temperature readings in a compact configuration.

Simple operation includes a toggle switch to display either flow or temperature readings and a loading valve that operates with fingertip control. The dual scale helical tube pressure gauge offers pulsation dampening and high overpressure capacity. For safe operation, all testers include an internal pressure relief system.


  • Large 3-1/2″ digit LCD for flow and temperature.
  • One-way flow.
  • Helical tube pressure gauge.
  • The turbine flow sensor gives a fast response.
  • Pressure surge protection with internal pressure relief.
  • Simple operation – one toggle switch controls power, flow, and temperature; load valve offers fingertip control of pressure up to 6000 PSI (414 bar).
  • Platinum resistance temperature sensor.
  • SAE ports.
  • Made in the USA.


  • Flow Range: Up to 200 GPM
  • Flow Accuracy: ±1% of full scale
  • Repeatability: ±0.2%
  • Turbine Response: ≤200ms
  • Fluid Temperature: -4 to +300 °F (-20 to +150 °C)
  • Ambient Temperature: -4 to +131 °F (-20 to +55 °C)
  • Flow Readout: Linearity and zero shift ±1 digit
  • Operating Pressure: Up to 6000 PSI (414 Bar, 41.4 MPa, 420 kg/cm2)
  • Readout Accuracy: ±1 digit
  • Battery: 4 AA size alkaline, ~ 50 hours of service

Note: These units are also available in metric versions. Please call or email us with questions.

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