Universal Pressure Gauge Test Kit


A single hydraulic system can have components and or sub-systems that operate at different pressures. For example, the pressure in the housing of a hydraulic pump or motor cannot exceed 70-PSI while the system pressure might be 5000-PSI. It is not possible to use a 5000-PSI analog gauge to read pressures as low as 70-PSI. Also, a vacuum gauge is needed to check the health of a hydraulic pump’s inlet.

There are instances when more than one pressure gauge is needed to set up and/or troubleshoot a hydraulic system. Take for example a closed-loop system where it’s necessary to monitor pump case pressure, charge pressure, and system pressure simultaneously.

A universal pressure gauge test kit is ideal for this purpose. Gauge scales (pressures) can be changed to suit your unique requirements. The kit also consists of 60” Microbore hoses, which allow technicians to observe pressure while keeping them a safe distance from moving parts. They also allow technicians to observe pressures while operating a machine, which in the case of hydrostatic transmissions is oftentimes necessary.

Universal Pressure Gauge Test Kit includes:

Pressure gauges are 2-1/2″ glycerine-filled, stainless-steel, Bourdon tube-type dual scale (imperial and metric).

Note: Gauge pressures can be substituted at no extra charge (excluding digital gauges). Please indicate during checkout if you are substituting gauges.

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Dimensions 12 × 4 × 7.5 in