Universal Pressure Gauge Diagnostic Tee Kit


HydraCheck developed the Universal Pressure Gauge Diagnostic Tee Kit because we wanted to give hydraulic technicians one kit that has all the pressure gauges and gauge port adapters needed for checking a broad variety of pressures. Having the right pressure only solves half the problem though. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to get in line with your pressure gauge and not being able to. The Pressure Gauge Diagnostic Tee Kit includes all the connectors one needs to connect to various diagnostic couplings and port connections.

The kit can come with either four (4) analog pressure gauges or three (3) digital pressure gauges for checking open and closed loop systems. This versatile kit contains gauge port adapters, which connect seamlessly to a wide variety of adapters, which includes JIC, ORFS, BSPP, JIS, and Komatsu.

This extremely versatile kit covers all your pressure monitoring needs.


Want to change the kit around? No problem! Call us, and we will provide you with a tailored kit to suit your unique needs.

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